Liquid Contract Filling Services

Unicep develops single-use packaging for a variety of consumer and professional products. We provide liquid and gel contract filling services within various markets and specialize in designing and filling unique single-use packaging dispensers that differentiate products.

We started in the oral care market in 1991 and have since developed and filled specialty dispensers for companies in a variety of markets. We deliver innovative packaging and superior service to all our customers. We are more than a traditional contract manufacturer—we specialize in manufacturing your unique product and complement it with our innovative single-use packaging components.



We embrace innovation. It’s at our core. It’s how we began. You can leverage our expertise to support custom single-use design concepts or various other packaging challenges that meet your product brand needs.

Innovation isn’t just about coming up with great ideas, it’s about making them happen –and that’s what we do.



We achieve goals by actively collaborating with you and all Unicep internal team members including operations, manufacturing engineering, design engineering, procurement, and quality.

For every program, we establish a team of people that work toward a shared purpose and common goal.



Our program management team works with you and your team to navigate the entire manufacturing process. We dig in, ask the tough questions, unearth discoveries and truly become a partner – an extension of your business.