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Products, Services, and Capabilities

What types of products can you fill?

We fill specialized liquid, gel, and cream products.

Are there products that you can't fill?

  • At this time, we are unable to fill the following types of products
    • Products that contain latex
    • Semi-solids (such as lip balms)
    • Powder/dry products
    • Tablets
    • Prescription products
    • Products that contain high alcohol percentages (our machinery can typically handle <30% alcohol content)
    • Sunscreen

Can you fill high viscous products?

Yes, we can fill very thick specialized gels & creams.

Do you make or fill glass vials?

All of our blow-fill-seal ampoules/vials/dispensers are made of recyclable plastic. Blow-fill-seal technology integrates blow molding, filling, and hermetic sealing in one continuous process.

Can we buy your plastic blow-fill-seal dispensers and fill them in our facility?

Our units are filled within the blow-molding process. We are happy to fill your specialized liquid & gel product in our dispensers.

Can you fill a product that requires a sterile fill?

Although Unicep is a non-sterile manufacturer, we can refer you to companies that provide terminal sterilization to meet your sterile requirements. 

Do you sell machinery for filling?

No, we don't sell machinery. We are happy to fill your specialized liquid & gel products so that you don't need to invest in the capital equipment to package your product.

Do you have a clean room?

Unicep does not purport to manufacture to aseptic levels. Our facility is subjected to, and environmentally monitored to, ISO Class 8 standards via particle count and viable particulate testing though we are not formally validated to the standard.

Is your facility FDA registered?

Yes, we are FDA Registered, ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified, cGMP Compliant

Can you provide testing for compatibility and stability?

Yes, we can provide all testing required.

Can Unicep formulate a product for me?

We offer formulation assistance in conjunction with a contract packaging agreement. We team with each client to ensure the mixing & compunding of their formulation meets their requirements. We offer full support of tech transfers, batch records, and mix instructions for products manufactured at Unicep's facility.  We assist with product line enhancements or help in solving complex formulation issues.

Can you mix my product if I provide a formulation? Do I need to provide the ingredients?

Yes. With a supplied formation, we can compound your product. We source ingredients based on your specifications. If you have preferred sources for your ingredients, we are happy to discuss how we can partner with your preferred suppliers.

Can I ship you my product in bulk form?

Yes. We can receive bulk product for filling.

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Getting Started

What are your average lead times?

Our lead times vary based on the services that you require. Product development, compounding, packaging choices — all play a role in lead time. Once we understand the scope of your project, we can provide an estimated lead time.

Do you have quantity minimums?

Our minimum run requirements are based on your packaging choice and any compounding requirements. Once we understand the scope of your project, we can provide our minimum requirements.

Can we tour your facility in Sandpoint, ID?

Yes. We are happy to meet with you at our Sandpoint facility. We welcome your project team along with your company's regulatory and quality auditors.

Do you offer an initial pre-production run for market testing and initial launch?

Yes, for most of our fill lines, we can provide a pre-production run, in conjunction with a contract packaging agreement, to meet your initial requirements.

Where will my product ship from?

Your final packaged products will ship from our dock in Spokane, WA.

Do I need to supply the packaging for you to fill my product?

Our blow-fill-seal single use dispensers are created in our facility through a blow molding process. All other packaging such as, tubes, pumps, cartons, syringes, and pouch material are sourced through our approved suppliers. If you have a preferred source, we are happy to discuss how we can partner with your preferred supplier.

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Client Questionnaire

What are some questions Unicep will ask to get my project started?

  • What is the product that you are interested in packaging?
  • What is the product used for?
  • What type of package have you chosen for your product?
  • What is the FDA classification of the product?
  • What are the product claims?
  • Do you require formulation development?
    • If no, will you be shipping us bulk product to fill or will we be mixing your product at our facility?
    • What are the ingredients of your product?
  • Do you require any testing?
  • What are your initial order quantities & annual predictions?
  • What is your target pricing and product launch date?
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Getting Your Quote

What does Unicep need to provide my formal quotation?

  1. Mutual NDA executed. We are happy to forward Unicep's mutual NDA for your review.

    These agreements are very important if you share information with another company for any reason, or if you hire an outside contractor, like Unicep, to work for your business. As the name suggests, a mutual NDA allows you and Unicep to protect confidential information.

  2. SDS document for your product received. Our team must review and approve your product for our facility prior to receiving product sample.

    SDS documents contain data regarding the properties of a particular substance. SDS documents are an important component of product stewardship and workplace safety, they are intended to provide workers with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner.  Unicep must review all SDS documents prior to quoting or contracting with any company.

  3. Small sample (~2 oz.) of your product

    We fill a variety of specialized liquid and gel products in our facility. Prior to placing any new products in our facility and fill systems, we must ensure that we are free from any potential cross contamination and that we can 'clean without a trace' between product runs.

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