Companion Animals

Appeal to your target market.

Developing the highest quality products so animals can stay active and well.

Appeal to your target market.

Novel Delivery Systems.

Unicep understands the deep kinship between people and their pets. Unicep provides products for animal care givers that are of the highest quality so that pet owners can quarantee the health and wellness of their companion animals.

We specialize in packaging products requiring controlled amounts for optimal performance. We offer expertise in new product concepts and unique single use blow-fill-seal packaging options.

Animal health care products that are perfect for unit dose packaging:

  • Gum care
  • Wound treatments
  • Eye & tear stain remover
  • Ear cleansers/deorderizers
  • Styptic swabs
  • Nutritional supplements

Turnkey Services

  • Custom packaging design
  • Custom blending & mixing of your specialized liquid and gel product
  • Filling
  • Shipment of quality product

FDA Registered, ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified, cGMP Compliant

Unicep also offers secondary packaging solutions for our customers to provide full turnkey services. All secondary packaging is designed as a custom solution for your product type, brand, and marketing strategy.

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