Employee Spotlight: Jim Bishop


Jim Bishop, Research & Development Manager, has been with Unicep for six years. What initially drew him to our company was the opportunity to work in a
unique manufacturing environment. He has had a chance to learn about our business at multiple levels, along with learning how to align his interests with our company’s core values.

What Mr. Bishop likes most about working at Unicep is being part of a connected team. Our company is linked from top to bottom. Since joining the company, the structures and processes that keep the organization running have steadily improved which was a great learning experience for Jim. According to Mr. Bishop, new is always better hence his favorite project is always the next one. It is a new opportunity to learn, and he likes that with novelty arises new problems to solve.

Jim grew up in Toledo, Ohio which he says looks very much like southern Detroit. His favorite movie line is, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” so he ensures he has a lot of fun outside the office. Jim is an avid skier and a fly fisherman. He is a 'catch and release' fisherman with exception to a few species. Hence, it is no surprise that his favorite meal is Sushi. Jim likes attending concerts and has a mason jar full of concert ticket stubs.