Employee Spotlight: Lance Beck


Lance Beck has been with Unicep for over 19 years and has definitely grown with the company. In his time here, he's worn many hats: operator, shift supervisor, machine technician, technician supervisor, engineering technician, and now manufacturing engineer.

Lance is a native resident of Sandpoint, having grown up here with his four siblings—including his twin brother! Lance loves Sandpoint and can't imagine living anywhere else. A consummate outdoorsman, he appreciates being able to enjoy nature all year round.

Lance came to Unicep nearly two decades ago with the intention of working through his first years at college before moving on. Luckily, he ended up finding his niche with the company and has stuck around. When Lance joined, Unicep was just a few years old—young enough that he was its 23rd employee.

Back in 1997, Lance's career began in the then brand-new MicroDose® division. Since then, he's been proud to see just how far Unicep has come—both technologically and as a company—which is something he's helped make happen.

One reason Lance has stayed with Unicep through the years is that his job forces him to exercise his critical thinking skills and creativity. He explains, "There is always a new project around the corner with new challenges that need solutions." As an example, Lance has spent the last two years mastering Unicep's quality by design system, a new manufacturing philosophy.

When asked about his favorite project he's worked on, Lance has some trouble picking one. Instead, he cites two recent projects that stand out the most: SwabDose™ and an airless pump system. Both required equipment installation to get off the ground, meaning Lance was there from the very beginning all the way to production. "There's a sense of accomplishment when you get to actually see the finished goods come off the end of the line," he explains just what makes such a project particularly exciting. In a way, it mirrors the progress he's seen the company make in his time here.

Lance's outside interests are just as varied as his work responsibilities. He's most proud of his skills as a landscape photographer and hopes to travel to Iceland, Norway, the Alps, and Banff in British Columbia to capture the natural beauty of these locations. He also enjoys a host of other outdoor activities, including backpacking, skiing, kayaking, biking, and camping. Photography isn't his only artistic inclination: Lance also plays bass guitar and grew up playing music at weddings, churches, and other events.

Lance is excited to start a brand new chapter in his life – getting married this summer!