Employee Spotlight: Lorrin Chang


Lorrin has been working at Unicep for 3 ½ years as a Sr. Design Engineer. What brought Lorrin to Unicep? He was intrigued by the possibility of living in such a beautiful area and the opportunity to explore a new industry where he could apply what he previously learned while working for NASA. In Lorrin’s role as a Sr. Design Engineer, he works with cool development projects where he proposes package design ideas to customers and teams with other Unicep departments to drive the projects from concept to fruition. When asked how Unicep has helped in his career development, he stated: “I’ve gained experience in managing a Design Engineering group, and I have learned a lot about patent law and blow molding package development.” Before coming to Unicep, he also did some cool things at NASA during his time in the Houston, TX area. In his role, Lorrin spent time developing measurement equipment to determine parachute extraction load on the Orion space capsule. He also worked on a project that entailed designing a new docking system for the international space station and the space shuttle. Other projects included proposals for healthy lift rockets, micro meteorite shielding, and portions of a new space suit. During his spare time while in Houston, he ran a small school teaching martial arts and worked as a volunteer instructor teaching jewelry at a local communicating college where he began dabbling in lapidary -specifically cutting stones. Originally from the Seattle area, Lorrin has taken in all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer from skiing in the winter, to kayaking and rock climbing in the summer.