Modified Blow-Fill-Seal™

Discover Innovative & Reliable Unit-Dose Packaging

 Discover Innovative & Reliable Unit-Dose Packaging
Only at Unicep: Modified Blow-Fill-Seal™ - MicroDose®, Twist-Tip™, PreciseDose™

There’s a science behind the creation and manufacture of blow-fill-seal single-use packaging that takes time to master. Fortunately, we’ve already done that.

Using production machinery we've designed, assembled, and validated, we created unique single-use packaging dispensers utilizing our Modified-Blow-Fill-Seal process. Just as with traditional blow-fill-seal concepts, the process is reliable and repeatable with outstanding quality results.

We continue to develop our single-use Modified Blow-Fill-Seal packaging platforms such as MicroDose® and Twist-Tip families, while also offering custom solutions for various applications.   We are pleased to offer two blow-fill-seal technology platforms – both Standard and Modified.

Why Modified Blow-Fill-Seal?

  • Suitable for various product categories

  • Ideal for water-like to viscous products

  • Labeling options for additional branding

  • Quick turn custom solutions – unique shapes, sizes, and colors

  • Minimum order requirements set to benefit new product launch budgets


Modified Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging Platforms

Unicep TwistTip Modified Blow Fill Seal


The patented Twist-Tip unit-dose dispenser incorporates a plastic squeeze-bulb with an integral twist-off tab.

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Unicep Microdose Modified Blow Fill Seal


MicroDose® is a patented unique single-use dispenser. The MicroDose combines the convenience and accuracy of a syringe with the simplicity of a tube and the disposability of a vial or ampoule.

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Unicep PreciseDose Modified Blow Fill Seal


PreciseDose™ is an advanced design that combines our MicroDose & Twist-Tip design. PreciseDose offers a precise dispensing system and the ease of the twist-off opening.

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