0.5mL TwistTip™ Blow-Fill-Seal Single-Use

The patented Twist-Tip™ unit dose vial incorporates a plastic squeeze-bulb with an integral twist-off tab. Once opened, the vial's contents can be dispensed through the opening by squeezing or pouring.

Twist-Tip™ dispensers are also available for products that require enhanced barrier protection. Unique blend of resins are available to maintain flexibility, yet deliver improved barrier performance.


Cylindrical plastic squeeze bulb with integral twist-off tab


  • MDPE (High-Density-Polyethylene/ Low-Density-Polyethylene Blend) is available for products that require enhanced barrier protection. This unique blend of resins maintains flexibility, yet delivers improved barrier performance.

  • LDPE (Low-Density-Polyethylene). The flexibility and durability make it an excellent choice for non-volatile products.


  • Standard color: Natural (no pigment added)

  • Custom options are available


  • Bulb shape with twist open dispense

InkJet Printing:

  • Ideal low-cost method for lot-coding, product identification, and expiration dates

  • Small character ink-jet

  • 3 lines maximum: .5ml: 11 characters

  • Black MEK Ink

Unicep supports pre-production runs, as part of our New Product Introduction process, through to large-scale production orders. We can receive your product in bulk for filling, or source raw materials and mix your product based on your completed formulation.

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