Modified SwabDose™

The SwabDose™ single dose applicator offers a ready to use package with a pre-moistened tip.

Unicep provides a modified SwabDose™ fill process to meet all customer product and branding requirements.

  • Modified fill process to accommodate higher viscosity products
  • Patented unit dose design with clean seal


  • Product: liquid, gel or cream

  • Fill: 1.5 ml maximum fill level


  • Casing: White, polypropylene

    • Polypropylene: High contact clarity, non-blushing, toughness, impact, chemical, solvent and stress crack resistant.

    • Auto-clave stability and low extractability.

  • Swab:  .25" diameter x 3" long, cotton or rayon tip


  • Tip: Cotton or Rayon

  • Stick: Polypropylene or Polystyrene


  • 3.67" in length


Wrap around label (1.56 x 1.12)


Other labeling or printing

We know that “one size doesn’t fit all” so we offer our customers an integrated range of packaging options and services to meet your product and brand requirements. We can receive your product in bulk for filling, or compound based on your formulation.  SwabDose™ units can be filling on our high speed machinery or through our modified process. Units can be labeled, bagged or cartoned to your specifications. Contact us about minimum order requirements for each process and how we can meet your needs.

Other Available Sizes

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